The E-Commerce business is booming and everyone wants in on the action. Hence there are thousands upon thousands of competitors on the internet vying for customers. So what are some of the features which you should have in your e-commerce business to make sure you are competitive and get as much business as possible?

1. Customer Reviews

Have a space where customers can leave reviews about your e-commerce business and how their experience was on the site. They can rate the product quality and your service on the site, how responsive your service was. Good reviews on your website are one of the biggest factors in driving new consumers to buy from your business.

2. High Resolution Videos and Images

You need to make sure the images of products you post on your website are all high resolution and from every angle. This will give the customer a good idea about the product and hence make them more likely to order. If you have videos of the product on your website, that will be even better because the customer will get an even better feel for the product and be more likely to buy it.

3. Online Customer Support

You should have a chat option where the customers can immediately talk to a customer service representative through the option of a chat window on your website. They can ask them about a particular product or direct any inquires to them. If the customer support is satisfactory, they will be more likely to buy your product!

4. Blog

You should have a blog which has content related to your website and what you sell. This will help you sell more products as customers can read your blog posts and see creative and informative content about what you sell. This will drive your sales up.

5. Visual Heat Maps

These are basically ways to find out what areas of your website attract the most traffic and what areas are lacking in terms of visitors. This will give you a good idea of what areas you need to work on your website and which ones are doing fine.

6. Good FAQ Page

The Frequently Asked Questions page is the one of the most visited page on any website. Make sure you answer all the questions sufficiently so that customers are satisfied with what they read. The page needs to be updated frequently so new queries are addressed.

7. Mobile Friendly Interface

One of the most important aspects of making an e-commerce website is that it should open easily on mobile devices and be easy to navigate on them as well. Since a lot of customers use their mobile devices to buy things online. Hence make sure your website is mobile friendly.

8. Email Pop-up Box

This feature is fairly standard. It helps you collect emails so you can send people emails about deals and new products you might have. More people do not purchase something the first time they visit a website hence getting their email and send them emails about your products so that they visit your website again and this time purchase a product.

9. Detailed Descriptions

You need to give customers as much information as you can about products so they can know what they are getting if they purchase the product. The more details the better!

10. Call to Action Near Price

Either place the buy now button near the price or maybe a number where customers can call you to inquire about the product further. This will help drive sales up since customers will be prompted to do something instead of nothing.