Influencers are people who are not exactly mainstream famous but are celebrities in their own right. These people usually have amassed a certain amount of following on one or more social media channels. This can be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or on their blog. These influencers serve as Key Opinion Leaders who can influence the opinions held by their audience.

Every influencer usually has a different vertical and audience. Some may be working in the beauty field, some in the fitness, some may be mommy bloggers and other might be gaming gurus. It depends on what your e-commerce business sells for you to decide which influencers you want to approach.

They are usually open for brands to collaborate with them and as an e-commerce business you can utilize this and use their influence on their social media platforms to help garner more publicity for your e-commerce business and subsequently have more sales.

  1. Product Reviews

You can shortlist a number of influencers who are related to what your e-commerce business sells and send them your products asking them to do a review on them. The influencer can try your product and tell their audience about their experience with your e-commerce store. This will help you gain more business as a positive review from an influencer seen by their audience has a massive effect on those watching and can help drive sales up.

  1. Collaborations

You can partner with certain influencers who are related to what your e-commerce business sells. You can then collaborate with them and come up with a promo code for them which they can give to their fans so when their fans use the code they get a certain amount of discount. This will help you get more sales as fans of the influencer will most likely use the codes hence shop at your e-commerce store.

  1. Giveaways

Most influencers tend to do giveaways for their fans. Hence you can reach out to these influencers and offer to give your products to them for a giveaway so their fans can get those products as a gift. This will increase your popularity and hence drive up sales as more people will know about your e-commerce business. Giveaways also increase your goodwill amongst your potential customers as the influencers audience views you as generous for sponsoring the giveaway!

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